Saturday, November 8, 2008


Hi everyone! I have been praying about a part time job to earn money for this trip and I have been offered one, the only thing is, the job won't start until Jan. 2009. So, I am praying about what to do until then. God is good and I know He will answer my prayers in His own time, I just have to have the patience to wait. I am so excited about this mission trip, I wish it were tomorrow! Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Hi everyone! I am working on fund raiser ideas for the mission trip. I'm thinking Bunco!!! Hope all you ladies are ready to become winners. If you have any great ideas, pass them on my way.
I am also looking for a part time job to help with the expenses, so pray that the right one comes along.
We can't wait to start planning our trip and we are praying that the Hong Kong people are receptive to our message. Jesus Saves!